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Clinical Biochemistry

Our clinical chemistry lab delivers rapid, accurate results for a wide range of tests including kidney and liver function, glucose levels, cardiac diagnostics, and more. With automated analyzers, some tests completed in as little as 2 hours, while others are processed on the same day, depending on the test and urgency. Expert result interpretation is also provided.


Hormone level tests are vital for diagnosing hormonal imbalances. Interpretation considers clinical context due to potential fluctuations, such as cortisol levels varying by time of day. LH and FSH levels change with the menstrual cycle, requiring precise sampling instructions. These tests also monitor treatment effectiveness. Healix offers a range of hormonal tests covering thyroid function, testosterone, estrogen, fertility markers, cortisol, ACTH, growth hormone, and others critical for hormone balance.

healix lab
healix labs


Microbiology is crucial for detecting and managing infectious diseases by analyzing various samples for bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Techniques include cultures, microscopy, and advanced molecular methods like PCR. Healix provides a wide range of tests, including bacterial culture and sensitivity, viral load assessments, STI panels, malaria diagnostics, and COVID-19 testing.


Laboratory hematology focuses on diagnosing blood and bone marrow disorders using automated analyzers for cell counts—including red and white blood cells, and platelets—and microscopic examination of blood films for cell morphology and parasites, crucial for identifying conditions like anemia, thalassemia, and leukemia. Coagulation tests assess clotting ability, essential for evaluating bleeding risks or thrombosis potential.

Healix offers a comprehensive test suite with expert interpretation, including Full Blood Count for various blood conditions, Blood Grouping, clotting assays for disorders like haemophilia, INR for warfarin monitoring, D-Dimer for clot risk assessment, Haemoglobinopathy testing for genetic blood disorders.

healix labs
healix labs


Genetic testing and molecular diagnostics are at the forefront of identifying genetic alterations, analyzing DNA or RNA, and integrating advanced tests and technologies for precision medicine. These methods play a critical role in disease identification, monitoring, and guiding treatment by pinpointing tumor-specific mutations and expression markers for personalized therapy.

Healix Labs, collaborating with accredited global labs provides a broad array of molecular and genetic tests, ensuring high-quality results. Our offerings include chromosomal analysis (karyotyping, FISH, microarray) for genetic disorders, molecular mutation detection for targeted cancer therapy (e.g., BCR-ABL for CML), and tests for single-gene disorders like cystic fibrosis or BRCA genes for cancer predisposition. We utilize Next Generation Sequencing for comprehensive genomic profiling, prognostication, and identifying treatment targets, alongside PCR tests for detecting hard-to-culture microorganisms, antenatal screenings like NIPT, genetic analysis of amniotic fluid, HLA typing, and specific pathogen detection including viral load assessments and drug resistance testing.

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