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Your Path to Optimal Health

Discover the perfect way to safeguard your health and the health of your loved ones with our specialized wellness packages. From comprehensive care for adults to bespoke solutions for women, men, children, and seniors, our health packages are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of every age group.

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General Package

This package serves as a foundational health assessment tool, offering a broad range of tests that evaluate critical health indicators such as blood sugar levels, liver and kidney function, and nutrient deficiencies. It's suitable for anyone interested in maintaining or improving their health status. Includes a comprehensive health screening for adults to assess overall well-being through tests like CBC, blood glucose levels (FBS, HbA1c), thyroid profile (TSH, T3, T4), liver health (SGOT, SGPT, bilirubin), lipid profile, kidney function tests, and essential vitamins.

Women's Package

Focused on the unique health needs of women, this package includes hormonal assessments, screenings for reproductive health, and tests for common deficiencies in women, aiming to provide a comprehensive health overview that supports early detection and prevention strategies. Includes tests focusing on aspects critical to female health such as CBC, ESR, thyroid profile, lipid profile, bone health assessments, vitamin levels including Vitamin D and iron, hormone levels including estrogen, and specific screenings for conditions like diabetes and anemia.

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Men's Package

Designed with men's health concerns in mind, this package includes screenings for heart health, prostate health, and nutritional deficiencies. It aims to identify risk factors for common diseases in men and provides insights into areas requiring attention or lifestyle changes. Includes tests for CBC, blood glucose levels, liver and kidney function, lipid profile, thyroid function, prostate health (PSA levels), and vital nutrients like Vitamin D and iron.


Tailored for the younger age group, this package focuses on growth markers, nutritional needs, and early detection of common childhood diseases. It aims to ensure children are on the right track for healthy development.

Aims at evaluating the overall wellness, growth, and potential medical conditions in children. It includes CBC, anemia and sickle cell screening, blood glucose levels, thyroid function tests, liver health assessments, and vital nutrients crucial for growth and development such as Vitamin D, B12, and iron.

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Seniors Package

This package is designed for older adults, focusing on age-related health concerns such as bone density, heart health, and metabolic function. It aims to monitor chronic conditions and ensure the well-being of seniors through preventative screenings.

It includes comprehensive blood tests like CBC, lipid and thyroid profiles, liver and kidney function tests, bone health assessments including calcium and Vitamin D levels, blood pressure, and screenings for diabetes and prostate health (for men) or specific female health markers.

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